European Youth Chess Championship

Along the calendar of the European chess union (ECU), every year, by the end of summers, regularly holds out European Youth Chess Championship in old-age groups to 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 year. Contest is on the ECU Presidential Board is established 1991. years and since then every year regularly hold out in following countries: Time this swells outgrows in very attractive and mass child manifestation whom in majorities of federations members of ECUs dedicates exceptionally the large attention. Fact that averagely on this priority acts around 500 - 600 competitor from, almost, all ends of Europe, as well as the number of escort (the coach and parents), the general number players range from 800 to the 1 000 individual. Exactly: Along the rule poslednjih a few year number of countries constantly increase and moves between 35-40 countries.
Here is EYCC logos: